Pascal Gugenberger’s Biography

Pascal Gugenberger is an Agile Coach and Senior Solution Architect at it-economics, a small, high quality IT and software development consultancy.

Pascal Gugenberger_Anzug_Klein Pascal has almost continuously worked in agile environments since 2004. As Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) he lead, coached or supported numerous agile transitions and development efforts. His broad experience as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team Member helps him to put agile approaches to work in a way that really fits the individual needs and context of the client, covering the whole product development effort starting from a product vision, employing Lean-Startup learning principles, all the way to a state-of-the art DevOps based continuous delivery environment. In his trainings Pascal puts an emphasis on creating a interactive learning environment that supports unique and memorable learning experiences.

As Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) and Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA) he also has a profound technical background that enables him to helps teams to actually turn product visions into flexible, maintainable, high-quality real-life software. In 2012 the iSAQB honored him as the top software architect of the year.

In his day-to-day professional life Pascal balances practical work as Scrum Master and Software Architect with Agile Training and Coaching engagements. These experiences help him to enhance his Agile Coaching and Trainings with a constant stream of new stories “from the trenches” of real product development.

Pascal has studied computer science in Berlin and Berkeley. He loves spending his free time with his family (two kids) and is a member of the local volunteer fire department. He has a passion for outdoors activities (hiking, canooing, mountains) and innovative ideas.