Pascal Gugenberger

Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Pascal Gugenberger. I am currently working as Solution Architect and Agile Coach at it-economics.

During the 15+ years of experience as software developer and 8 years as team lead in professional product development I have been both on projects that were a great success and on projects that miserably failed. I have witnessed the failure of both document-oriented waterfall-projects and chaotic guess-and-code approaches. I have also had the pleasure to be part of several agile projects and have felt the power of a successful empowered team collaborating with an engaged customer.

These experiences have made me believe traditional document-heavy and waterfall-oriented software development approaches are fundamentally flawed. Too many times they fail to deliver a maximum ROI to the customer (if they deliver anything usable at all). As a result I have come to firmly believe in the power of agile approaches, to use them as much as intensly as possible and to continuously develop a deeper understanding of them.

On this little website you can find out more about my interests and follow some of my thoughts, especially regarding Agile topics. You can also have a look at my curriculum vitae.